Barbecue season is upon us

bbq sauceThe weather has been warm for a while now, and after the winter we had we’re sure you’ve had a barbecued dinner many times by now and were probably out on the ‘cue at the first sign of above zero temperatures.

The great thing about barbecuing is the variety you can get with just a few simple ingredients. You could barbecue chicken every night of the week, but depending on the spices you add (sweet versus salty), the sauce you douse it with (a glaze versus a spicy sauce), the way you cook it (with some smoke or maybe on skewers), and the side dishes you pair it with, the meal could be entirely different each time. And we’re sure that because of this fact you wouldn’t get sick of eating chicken.

The other part about barbecuing that’s great – besides the great flavour and being able to cook dinner outside – is the clean-up, which is slim to none. There will be the usual place settings, but otherwise, maybe just a flipper or a set of tongs and a sticky barbecue you may have to scrub. Whatever few dishes there may be, leave them for the dishwasher or for the next day and go put your feet up outside to soak in a few more rays of sunshine!

Barbecue sauce is simple and versatile with so many flavour combinations possible. If you’re looking for something different, made with some local ingredients and a few additional, stop by the Never Enough Thyme food shop for our in-house, homemade barbecue sauce, including maple chipotle, and maple Dijon – both made with local, Elmira maple syrup.

See you soon at 83A Arthur Street South in Elmira! Happy barbecuing!

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